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When you travel to Chalet Village in Gaitlinburg, TN, you will see that our cabins are equipped with basic amenities you’ll need for a comfortable trip. But, even though we’ve provided our guests with ideal lodging accommodations, there will still be a need for suitcases.

Some delight in the packing task and are quite expert at it, while others follow the shove it in and close method. Either way, doing a bit of thinking ahead can help. One of the easiest ways to determine how the packing process will go depends on travel method.

When flying, you are typically restricted to one main suitcase and a carry-on. Lets not forget that there are also limitations to what you can and can’t bring. Since 9/11 occurred, the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) has amped up security and regulations pertaining to what passengers can pack.

While some people might find the rules annoying, you have to remember they are for our safety. Understanding the limitations set forth by the TSA will guarantee you’re fully prepared when entering the security checkpoint. When you’re not conscious about what to pack, it puts a damper and unnecessary headache on traveling bliss.

Read on below for the TSA rules and regulations regarding flight travel. If you have any additional questions, you can always contact your airline for assistance.

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