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My name is Boots and I’m a dog. My owners are Andrew and Tessa. Well, they’re more like Daddy and Mommy to me. They love me so much, and I love seeing them every day.

A few weeks ago I heard Mommy Tessa talking on the telephone to her friend. I overheard the name “Chalet Village,” along with “Smoky Mountains” and “Tennessee.” I had never been there, but it sounded like a nice place to visit.

After Mommy Tessa got off the phone, she reached down to pet my head and proclaimed, “We’re going on vacation and you’re going to get to stay in a cabin in the mountains!” She was so excited about this, so I was, too!

Packing for the trip involved a lot of things. My parents brought with them bowls for my food and water, my flea and tick medications, and a few of my favorite chew toys.

Mommy Tessa put my little cushion bed inside a special box where I’d spend some time on the way to the mountains in the family minivan. Along the route, we stopped at a rest stop and I got to take a quick run and do my business. I was on a leash, of course, and wearing my ID collar just in case I got loose and decided to explore.

The trip to Chalet Village was exciting. I started seeing lots of big green trees outside the windows of the van, and soon we were “off the beaten path,” as Mommy Tessa said to Daddy Andrew as we parked in front of a good-looking cabin on a mountain.

Daddy Andrew let me out of the special box, made sure my leash and collar were secure, and took me for a quick walk. I saw a squirrel and tried to chase it. I heard birds chirping in the trees, but couldn’t see ‘em. Then the three of us went inside the cabin. It was beautiful, with all sorts of rooms to explore. I sniffed my way around the place and decided to plunk down on the soft bed in the pretty room.

Later, when it got dark outside, Daddy Andrew lit a fire in the fireplace. It was warm and toasty, and I loved sleeping beside while Daddy and Mommy relaxed.

Mommy Tessa said, “We should come to Chalet Village more often,” and since I don’t speak English, I barked enthusiastically. I think she understood how much I loved being in a new place with new sights, sounds and smells. If I could write her a note, I’d say, “Even I need a vacation sometimes!”

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