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Some people are such good travel packers that they bring everything they could possibly need or want for two weeks into a bag designed for one overnight stay. Other travelers can hardly muster the strength to pack one bag for a ten-day vacation. By following these travel packing tips you can learn what to bring, what not to bring and how to make better use of baggage and space.

  • Create a packing list; how much clothing is needed based on the season and length of the trip?
  • Consider whether or not laundry services are available at your destination; when they are, packing lighter and washing clothes during your stay are a possibility
  • If a shower & toilet facilities are available in the direct area; consider whether or not you will need to bring towels and other toiletries. Remember to pack toiletries in a sealed back to avoid leakage.
  • Rather than neatly folding clothes, try rolling them instead to minimize the chance of creasing once compressed in your suitcase. To roll your clothing successfully, lay them face down, fold back the sleeves or legs and commence rolling from the bottom up; you can also trying folding multiple clothing items together at once.
  • If you must fold your clothing, try folding two or more garments at a time; this adds cushioning and can prevent wrinkles as well as provide protection for any breakables to may have with you.
  • Stuff socks or underwear into your shoes and place them around the edges of your suitcase
  • Keep medicines or snacks in your carry-on for easy access in a hurry

Following these packing tips will have even the weariest of travelers packing comfortably and enjoying the trip; if you have additional tips or tricks for packing, please feel free to comment on this post!

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