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A vacation is a trip that everyone should take, but not all feel privileged to do so. Work load and financial restraints are among the top two reasons why people often skip the vacation of a lifetime and stay home instead.

As far as work demands go, employees find it difficult to take the time off, can’t afford a vacation or feel that they can’t relax during a vacation due to having to check in with the boss. It is however, stressful to not take the necessary time away.

Research is finding that the number of upper level management vacations being taken either remain the same or are rising. In fact, 81% of managers are planning to take time off while just 65% of full-time employees are planning for a vacation. Below are other disturbing statistics revolving around the diminishing number of employee vacations.

It is an unpleasant thought that employees feel they can’t get away. When you spend day in and day out working hard to make your boss and family proud, you should plan for that unforgettable trip. At Chalet Village, we do all we can to make our Smokey Mountain reservations as affordable as possible.

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