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Traveling or vacationing with children can be a wonderful time. However, the reality of traveling with children either by air, car or other way of transportation is that it isn’t always a pleasant experience. It can be both exciting and off-putting to children to have their regular schedules changed and though adults can often handle new or different places and people with ease, for children it can be disruptive and unpleasant.

To help make the journey a pleasant one for all – heed these helpful tips and you are sure to be traveling like a professional family in no time.

Whether you are flying or driving, the key to a successful trip is entertainment, and it doesn’t have to come in the form of a DVD player, ear buds and handheld gaming devices. Those are certainly helpful and encouraged if you have them, but by simply packing a backpack of toys, games and other activities, children can be pacified and entertained for hours. To encourage children to be a positive part of the trip, give them the responsibility of bringing the bag along. They will love the task and they will also know what is inside the bag when they are bored or need occupation.

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If you are going by car, you may have more room for your children’s items. If you are traveling by plane, train or bus, you will have to be more considerate about the things you bring. A few favorite books can help ease the minds of a fearful young traveler. A favorite stuffed animal or two are also great for trips and vacations. It reminds children of home and can make them more comfortable while on the trip. Printing a map of your destination is also a fun way to pass the time on the road. As you cross into new states or areas, point out locations to children so that the journey is as interactive as possible. For very little flying travelers, sometimes bringing their car seat along helps them feel more secure and can also keep them behaved. Ask the airline ahead of time if using one is permissible.

Snacks are probably the number one way to pacify any traveler, young or old. While there is something to be said for comforting without food, you should always travel with a few easy, non-messy snacks. Most times they can quiet or calm down the little ones, and sometimes even help with ear troubles when flying. The act of chewing is proven to keep ears from “popping” from all the pressure changes during the flight.Kids are messy, so be prepared to get children clean in a hurry. Pack an extra pair of clothes in a carry-on bag in case of an accident, along with wet wipes and diapers (if needed). Nothing can ruin a journey faster than a soiled, inconsolable child.Traveling with your children can be a wonderful experience, but preparation is the key to success!

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