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Camping improves your health in that it reduces your stress and lets you escape the catalysts of mental fatigue, but that only works if you plan accordingly and pack carefully. Some of the biggest camping fails occur from forgotten staples and inadequate preparation. You should be melting your stress away, not building onto it, which is why you need a thorough camping checklist.

When you plan a trip to one of our cabins, consult the tips below. We promise, this post will make your camping trip much easier.

Before you pack, make sure you have two printed copies of directions. Familiarize yourself with landmarks near our cabins in Gatlinburg, just in case you get lost. This way, you’re more likely to recognize where you are.

Staples for Cabin Camping

• Matches or lighters
• Flashlights or spotlights
• Biodegradable or reusable water bottles
• Disposable dinnerware
• An unused First-aid kit and flares
• Extra cell phone batteries and chargers
• Sleeping bags, Pillows
• Survival knife
• One extra outfit for every day, just in case
• Important hygiene accessories
• Head lamps for nighttime adventures / glow sticks for kids
• No camping trip is complete without supplies for s’mores!
• Bug repellant, sunscreen, chap stick
• Toilet paper & paper towels
• Sunglasses, hair ties, and extra towels
• Nature guide books
• Compass

**With geocaching becoming more and more popular, bring something for the cache in case you land on an awesome treasure!

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