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protectfromanimalsCamping is a favorite outdoor adventure for many. It is easy to create unforgettable memories when spending a few days in the wilderness. However, while you are having fun, you can’t forget the animals that may be attracted to the smells and things you leave behind.

It’s normal to encounter a wild animal on any given camping trip; it’s half the fun! Anywhere from mice to raccoons, squirrels and the least common, but still very possible, bear encounter; you don’t want to chance giving them a perfectly good excuse to stop by and ruin your camping experience.

It is better to be extra cautious than to run into a problem. Here are some helpful tips to animal proof your food and belongings:

  • Keep all sweet smelling products in an airtight container or sealed bag. Things like deodorants, lotions, perfumes and toothpastes can draw animals near because of their sweet scent.
  • Try to set up your camp away from brush or tall grasses where pesky little critters, like mice and squirrels, live.
  • If you are staying in a tent, it is a good idea to pack up your sleeping bag, pillows and blankets each morning to avoid invaders creating a home inside, especially if you plan to camp in the colder months.
  • All non-perishable food needs to be in sealed, airtight plastic bins, whether you’re cabin or tent camping. Fresh food needs to remain locked in a cooler. Keep all food a safe distance from where you are sleeping as well.
  • Food containers, pots and pans are notorious culprits for animal encounters. Residue and scents from a meal left behind will certainly attract an animal. Make sure to wash all utensils thoroughly and store after each use.
  • If you have a wash pan, be sure to empty the water each night.
  • Do not leave garbage lying around. Make sure that every trash bag is thrown into the campsite’s dumpster at the end of the day.
  • If possible, keep a fire burning throughout the day and put out right before you go to sleep. The smell of fire and burning amber can keep animals away.
  • Keep a flashlight handy to scope out the surroundings, never go camping without a backup battery and flares. Light can also scare off an interested animal if they get too close.

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