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Nestled deep within the Smoky Mountains of Eastern Tennessee, Gatlinburg is home to a myriad of adventure, mystery, and lore from a unique and interesting past.

Visitors and residents often find bits of the past throughout the area. For example, the original settlers from the Carolinas called it “White Oaks”. Whenever you see “White Oaks”, it is a reference to the town’s history.

Around every corner, you’ll find an intriguing story from the past, or you may see a captivating building with a tale behind it. If you’re interested in how Gatlinburg came to be, or if you’re a big history buff, check out the Gatlinburg Ski Lift. This is a must for any trip, but it’s especially great for the curious minds looking to learn more about their vacation spot.

In the 50′s, Gatlinburg added the infamous ski lift, inspired by a chairlift article in a Triple-A magazine. This attraction will show you Gatlinburg, from a different view. The aesthetics paired with a brief history of the city is the perfect addition to any getaway.

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