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New Year Camping Fun

2014 new year camping

As we count down the last days of 2013 there are preparations happening all across the globe to ring in the New Year. The ball in New York City’s Time Square is getting prepped and every last ball is getting checked, grocery stores are packed as we prepare a great last feast with our families. Some people still don’t have anything set in stone. If that is you, why not ring in the New Year by camping? You already love the outdoors, and whenever you have a weekend that doesn’t have major plans the RV is taken out for a short trip, or the camping gear is tossed in the car for an overnight stay in the mountains.

Some of the most fun of the year happens on New Year’s Eve. Think about the great party that you can have with a bunch of friends in a cabin in the woods. The plus side is: No one will have to drive, which is a safety concern for many adults. You can enjoy a potluck of food to eat together over a nice warm fire out back. Party supplies are also a must, from the silly 2014 sun glasses to streamers and confetti to toss as the clock counts down to midnight.

While your friends and/or family are all gathered, together you can talk about what your wishes are for 2014 and what major accomplishments made 2013 a great year as well. Our hope for 2014 is that you come back and visit us in 2014 and many years to come! Happy New Year!



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