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Kids Camping

Camping is a wonderful experience for the entire family. From the littlest ones to the eldest of the group, there’s enough fun for everyone among the trees and under the stars. However, it’s not uncommon to lose some of the excitement, leaving you pondering about what to do next.

The first of the bunch to get antsy in the wilderness will probably be the little scouts. It can be difficult to plan for every scenario. However, what you can do is stock your site with fun and engaging games for the kids to enjoy while taking in the fresh air. has some great camping ideas for everyone, including great camping games for kids. The best part? These games require very little supplies, but they pack a lot of fun.

You don’t need sand and shovels to build a great castle. Go on an adventure with the kids and gather sticks, leaves, empty nutshells and such. With some glue, let them create their own rustic twig castle.

 All kids love telling stories so why not put an interesting twist on it. Have a child start a one sentence story (the more outrageous the better!) and going in a circle, the next person has to continue. By the end, we guarantee all to be in fits of laughter.

Play the Chubby Bunny game with small marshmallows. Everyone starts with one marshmallow in their mouth and if each player can correctly pronounce Chubby Bunny, they all put another marshmallow in. If one player says it wrong, they are out. The player with the most marshmallows at the end wins.

Play a scavenger hunt with items found around the camp. Each player gets a bag and a list of items they have to find within a certain amount of time. Some example items include a rock shaped like a heart, green maple leaf, pine cone, acorn shell, parts of an unused bird’s nest, etc.

Camping Olympics is a great way of getting some exercise and enjoying the outdoors. Some Olympic Games could include tug of war, pebble skipping, balancing in a tree pose and building a stick house in 2 minutes.  

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Of course, you could always resort to the classics….


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