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Enjoy our Club Houses & Pools

You, your family and friends will have free access to club houses when staying at Chalet Village, all have outdoor pools and two offer tennis courts which can be enjoyed during the summer.  There is no fee to use the facilities; we do charge a $10 pass deposit that will be refunded upon return of the pass.  Plan your vacation early and enjoy swimming, tennis, billiards or our game room when you come stay with us.  The club houses can be used for multiple purposes.

North Clubhouse located on Village Loop Rd

Facility notes: 3 Outdoor Pools, 2 Children’s pools, Two Tennis Courts, Outdoor Ping Pong, Rent-able Inside Facility with Full Kitchen & Rest Rooms seats 50 People, wood-burning Fireplace

Upper Alpine Clubhouse located on Upper Alpine Way

Facility notes: Very Private clubhouse with one Adult Pool & Children’s pool with Mushroom Waterfall, Inside Game-room with Pool Table & Rest Rooms.

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