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Traditional tent campers are often hard to convert because they like the idea of being with nature, but the truth is, cabin camping can afford a lot of the same opportunities as tent camping. If you’re an avid tent camper or if you have a friend who loves “roughing it” you may actually have a phenomenal time in a cabin, while still enjoying the life around you.

If you’re new to cabin camping there may be some adjusting, but your camping experience all comes down to planning. Look at amenities and features in the cabin you like. You can plan properly when you know what is practical and plausible and what is inconceivable.

  • Door Mats:
    Even if you simply use an old towel or tarp, it will make cleaning easier and it will prevent your socks from getting dirty. Even if you’re careful, when you camp you always track mud
  • Extra Clothing According to Laundry Facilities:
    If there are laundry services where you’re staying, great. If not, you may want to bring an extra outfit or two depending on your adventure plans.
  • Meal Ideas According to Amenities:
    Your meal options come down to your cabin features. Running water, electricity, and gas stoves open you up to a world of options versus a campfire. Consider the kitchen in your cabin and go from there.
  • A Way to Get Your Nature Fix:
    Get tarp or maybe an air mattress and lie outside until you get tired; it makes for perfect stargazing.

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