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Humans need vacation, and oftentimes have to work harder just to afford them, which may defeat the purpose. It goes like this, you work for money, and then you spend that money living a normal life and getting to work every day, and then of course, your family and bills come are priority as well. Finding the time and money for a vacation can feel pretty arduous, but it’s not bad if you know a few ways to make it work. Life is great, but it’s also exhausting at times. Just remember: everyone needs a break, and you don’t have to empty your savings to do it.

• If you want to get away from the banalities and stressors of your normal life, consider taking the family on a camping trip. You can have a phenomenal time without the bill being a phenomenon.

• If you’re cabin camping in a rustic setting, you won’t need many fancy supplies.

• Most camping trips are road trips, so you save on airfare and a car rental as well.

• Enjoy nature for activities. If you drop a creative person in the middle of nowhere, he or she will find something fun to do; it is human nature. Explore, hike, or swim… take family and friends out for a day of free fun.

• Cookouts and fires are a huge part of camping as well, so you can feed everyone almost the same meals you would at home (if you’re handy with a grill).

• Look for pet friendly cabins, as your furry friend could use a vay-cay too! Save on sitter fees and enhance your stay by treating your pal to a trip!

Perhaps this is why camping trips are on the rise and more people are de-stressing in the wilderness. Check out this infographic and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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