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For some, camping is a new venture, a reset button, a way to relax and enjoy some time away from reality. For others, it’s an old past time, and they’ve seen many changes through the years… but one thing will always remain: camping is a great way to truly experience life. No matter what changes, camping will always be good for you.

So what’s difference? The answer is convenience and technology. Think about it, everything is digital now. The map, the compass, whatever you could possibly need, there’s probably an app for it.

While any of these gadgets could save your life, what would you have done 400 years ago? It’s always good to have a handy set of survival tips on you, just in case any of your devices fail or lose battery power. Take a step back to a simpler time, and bring backups of old tools.

In a way, many people are already back to these roots, because DIY camping tricks are more popular than ever on sites like Buzzfeed or Pinterest.

Browse through the infographic below to see how camping has advanced and check out some of the old camping staples!

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