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Tennessee ranked third on a list of favored vacation spots, as posted on usatoday.com. The Volunteer State ranked just under Hawaii as a great place to visit. Any time of year is ideal for visiting, but certain seasons will maximize the “awesome“ potential of your vacation. So if you can play around with dates, go for it!

Summer is home to high temperatures, huge music festivals, national parks and some of the country’s best foliage. This is why summer is the peak season. However, peak seasons often mean peak prices and sold-out accommodations.

In fall, prices begin to decline, and temperatures cool down to a comfortable range around 75 degrees. However, bugs are a bit more active during this time. This is a great time of year to visit if you’re the rugged outdoors type, but if you’re not cool with bugs, plan to come this month instead.

Ideally, late spring and early summer is the best time to visit, but it all comes down to your preference, so do a bit of research on your specific trip. For example, a family would have a much better time if they came during June as opposed to the Spring Break season.

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