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Grumpy kids, boredom, and stress can kill your vacation, especially if you’re on a road trip, or on a long flight. You’ll make your life a lot easier if you get the right entertainment, and plan ahead. This is especially true if you have kids, as they get bored easily.

Below, we’ve listed some of the best games to play while traveling. With a myriad of transportation options available, you want to make sure you prep accordingly.


Airplanes are tight spaces, and you’re not always able to get up and walk around. Avoid games with small pieces for obvious reasons, but look into some handheld videogames, books, and bring some music along. If you have at least three activities, you should be able to keep yourself entertained throughout the flight. If you’re not a good flier, take a bit of Dramamine with meals, and you’ll be able to sleep and relax through the remainder of your flight; Dramamine has non-drowsy and children formulas as well. For most, it is a staple for flying.

Small Car

People usually travel in small, personal cars as a way to save on trip costs, and it’s not exactly convenient. If you have to travel in a small car, consider games that take up very little space, because you may not have much.

Try and keep the technology use to a minimum, the cars atmosphere will not be as fun if the group isn’t congregating and socializing. People on their smartphones may get bored and eventually fall asleep; it’s important to keep every potential driver alert and energized.

There are also the traditional “road-trip” games, which require no tangible materials. You remember these games, like “The License Plate Game” or any other game in which players use only their senses.

For kids, it’s a great idea to make a “checklist”, or “toad trip bingo” because it will keep them focused and entertained, and they won’t miss the surroundings.

Recreational Vehicles (RVs)

RVs are where it’s at, you can play any traditional game, but you also have space along with the support from tables that you would need for most board games. Still avoid games with small pieces, but you can pick up a “deluxe” version of Scrabble, which has small ledges so the pieces cannot fall, and the board turns towards each player.

Check out this list of great RV entertainment ideas from gorving.com.


A train is similar to an RV in that you have space for larger games, and there’s usually a “café” area, where you can sit at a booth instead of your captain chairs. Card games are great because even the captain chairs have tables in front of them, just like an airplane. The cool part is, Amtrak always sells playing cards right on the train.

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