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Family road trips and cabin camping adventures are great fun, especially when the fun to be had is in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. With so many amazing things to do, Gatlinburg coupled with an exciting family road trip is sure to boost everyone’s mood. In addition to promoting happiness, camping with your family can provide a myriad of benefits for everyone. Instead of flying, rushing around, and staying in a fancy hotel, consider a long road trip with limited technology to improve everyone’s quality of life.



Bringing the family closer together is easy enough when you throw a rustic getaway into the mix. Think of all the movies from the 90′s where a family fights and then realizes in the end that they love each other. A road trip is exactly like “Uncle Buck” or every episode of “Full-House” ever. While there might be a few spats, a bit of banter, and frustration, in the end you’ll develop a strong appreciation for each member of your family.



Teaching your kids about different locations and customs is great, and it’s even better when you can show them first hand. Additionally, kids might hear about distant places from school, TV, or their friends; no human being is free from a burning desire to travel, called Wanderlust. Long road trips satisfy this desire, while giving your entire family something to love and appreciate together.



Traveling on your own, and not via airlines or trains, will allow you the freedom to go where you want and see what you want. Sticking to time constraints and skipping things you want to do can put a damper on a vacation. If more than one person in the group wants to stop somewhere, you absolutely should!

Check out this infographic below, for tips on how to survive your family road trip!


How to Survive Your Summer Road Trip

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