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Going away for a summer holiday is arguably the best part about being in your prime. When you work hard, you get to play hard, especially on an awesome camping trip. A camping getaway is killer fun, but throw celebrating our country’s independence into the mix… and it’s bound to be a great time.

Of course, the fun is what you make it and what you want to do, but you’ll find great some great ideas on Pinterest.

To get started, you can find essential printable 4th-of-July cup labels here.4th of July Picnic

A side note: you might not want to read this if you’re hungry, because this stuff looks good.

Red White & Blue Fruit Salad
4th of July Cake
American Rice Krispie Treats

There are also great ideas for kids, like the glow-stick ring-toss and outdoor scrabble!

It’s not all fun and treats though, remember safety first and fun second with tips from the pros!


• Don’t approach wild animals, especially with food… cute doesn’t mean safe and their behavior is quite unpredictable.

• Fireworks are beautiful, and aesthetically captivating to a child, it makes sense that kids would want to be involved. It’s safer to take your family to see professional fireworks; don’t try the big stuff at home.

• Kids love sparklers, and they are a bit safer than your average firework, but they can still burn little arms and feet while everyone is running around. If you have a small toddler or a “wild child”, try handling the sparkler together.

• If your family and friends enjoyed all that delicious food, chances are the animals will too! Be sure to put everything inside the cabin before bed. Leaving a pack of marshmallows at the firepit could attract some unwarranted visitors.


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