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Your vision of Smoky Mountain might be cloudy right now but after reading the following reasons you will be

Less Crowds

Aside from Easter break, many schools are in session during the spring time, so you don’t have to fight the crowd. Not only do you not have to worry about the American tourists, it is also a very bad time for anyone from other countries to travel because they also typically have school.


Summer time is typically the biggest travel season in the area because of the warm weather. If you are hiking do you really want to be hot and sticky? Spring time weather is very mild and comfortable for hiking and other activities in the surrounding areas.

Fly Fishing

If you are coming to the area to score the big fish now is your chance. May is considered the best month for anglers to come and try their luck. Due to the change back to normal water levels the trout are plenty and ready for catching.

Black Bear Cubs

Yes they are cute but don’t get too close. Because it is spring time it is prime time to see the newest members to the animal family.

You don’t have all year to plan your trip, so get started right now and come get your piece of the excitement!

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